High Temperature Electronic Technology

RelChip technology is used to create integrated circuits that operate at extreme temperatures, -55°C to 300°C. We provide both standard products (COTS) and custom development (ASIC and ROM) to meet our cutomer requirements. We provide analog, digital, and mixed-signal solutions. Extreme environments require extreme solutions, RelChip solutions.


RelChip standard products include a 32-bit microcontroller, SRAM, and ROM. Contact us for information on other market-ready designs.


Custom Development

Analog, digital, and mixed-signal development projects for -55°C to 300°C operation are available. We use our specialized design techniques to move your idea to a complete design. Whether die or packaged units are desired, we can provide the solution.



RelChip standard products have applications in geothermal, oil & gas, aerospace, and other key industries. Most of the time they will performing in extreme environments where standard technologies. This rugged technology solves difficult problems.

Geothermal and Oil&Gas

RelChip parts have successfully logged geothermal wells on volcanos. Our standard parts have survived (and operated) for more than 3000 hours at 350°C, and will operate for greater than 1 year at 300°C and more than 5 years at 225°C.

Oil and gas wells often require high temperature logging and MWD tools. RelChip parts provide the world's highest operating temperature range for integrated circuits. The oil and gas industry also requires long life at moderately high temperatures (~180°C) for production completion. When operated at these cool temperatures, RelChip parts many years of service.


Turbine engines' control and sensors require high temperature elctronics to improve efficiency, decrease weight, and provide plug-and-play solutions. The reliability and high temperature performance of RelChip parts are the key to success. With operating temperature ranges from -55°C to 300°C and product life in excess of five years, RelChip components are the solution.

Supersonic, hypersonic, and space vehicles require high temperature electronic solutions. RelChip participates in projects to solve these unique requirements.