ABOUT RelChip®

RelChip is a privately held Utah Corporation, incorporated in 2012. We are located at the foot of the Wasatch range in Sandy, Utah. The family friendly atmosphere, close proximity to the outdoors, world-class skiing, and central location (in the western USA) help attract and keep the best people.

We are an engineering-focused company, creating integrated circuit solutions for extreme environments. We have an experienced team of engineers, ready to work on each challenge.


Network High Temperature Technology(2003-2010)

RelChip began as a development group for an oil and gas networking company in 2003. Orginally chartered to develop network electronics (analog and digital) that operate for years at 250C, the group was successful with its first analog integrated circuits. The developments continued in analog, digital, and mixed-signal design.

RelChip (2012-)

In 2012, the networking company agreed to sell the technology, and RelChip was born. The group began development of digital high temperature components. RelChip provides the enabling components for a wide variety of extreme environment applications. The effort can be marked with key milestones.

2013: World’s First 300C Logic Parts Delivered
2015: World’s First 300C 32-bit Microcontroller Delivered
2015: World’s First 300C SRAM Memories Delivered

RelChip History