ASICs and ROMs



Ceramic Parts

Standard Products are packaged in ceramic packages using a proprietary method. This insures reliability at 300°C as well as provide robust protection for shock and vibration. Your custom circuit can also be packaged using these methods.



Robust MCM or Hybrid are constructed using special materials and methods. Shown above is a data acquistion module die layout from Ozark Integrated Circuit (

ASIC Development


RelChip can assist you from specification through manufacturing in developing your ASIC design. an experienced design team can convert your idea into silicon that will operate in extreme environments.

Digital and Memory

RelChip can synthesize your HDL, place-and-route, perform closure, and build your die for the extreme environment. We also have memory, RAM and ROM, cells available for your design. Our experience from simple logic parts to the 32-Bit micrcontroller means we can meet you requirements.


The team at RelChip has experience dating from 2003 designing, building and testing analog integrated circuits for extreme environments. Our catalog of IP includes various amplifiers, references, and numerous special purpose blocks including bandgaps, A/D, low noise amplifiers, VGA, and others. We should be able to meet your requirements.


Read Only Memory (ROM)

The RelChip ROM family is pin compatible with the RelChip RAM family. The customer can select parity options via pins (like the RAM) or alternately code them into the ROM. These parts all operate from -55°C to 300°C on a single 5 volt supply.

  • 32Kx9 ROM
  • Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
  • 8Kx36 ROM
  • RC10001 Compatible
  • 32Kx9 ROM
  • RC10001 Compatible
  • 32Kx8 ROM
  • 8051 Compatible
  • 32Kx9 ROM
  • Separate Address/Data Pins
  • 288Kx1 ROM
  • SPI Interface
  • Multiple Operating Modes
  • Supports Page Operation