RAM Lifetime at 350C for more than 3600 hours

The RC2110836 was tested at 350C to demonstrate endurance. The parts survived for more that 3,600 hours. The results extrapolate to one-year life operating at 300C and more than ten-year life at 225C.

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See you at HITEC 2018

We hope to see you at the High Temperature Electronics Conference (HiTEC 2018) in Albuquerque May 8-10 (http://www.imaps.org/hitec/). RelChip will be both exhibiting and presenting papers on our latest developments. We also would like to discuss your immediate and longer-term needs with you.
Three papers, two on new products and one on reliability, will be unveiled.
New products, available soon, include a 40MHz, 225C ARM(R) Cortex(R) M0 microcontroller, and a 300C configurable logic part.
For private meetings, please email info@relchip.com. We look forward to seeing you there. read more