RC10001 Development System

The RelChipTM RC10001 Development System includes USB power, the Keil uLink-ME connection, and the RC10001 Engineering Development Board. Combined with the Keil development software for Cortex® M0 processors, a full function development system is realized.

Header spacing is such that a RC10001_DP (development prototyping board) can be stacked with all signals connecting the boards together. See the RC10001_DP specification sheet for a description.


  • Kit Includes
    •  RC10001 Engineering Development Board
    •  USB Power Cable
    •  Keil uLink-ME Debugger/Development Connector/Board
    •  RC10001 Support Files (debug and headers) for the Keil development system
    •  Documentation

      Keil Development Software is available directly from Keil.

  • Development Board Features
    •  3.6864 MHz Crystal Clock,
    •  Header pins for all microcontroller pins,
    •  Memory sockets to allow stand-alone microcontroller development,
    •  Key pin pushbuttons: hard reset, soft reset, etc.,
    •  Eight LEDs driven by GPIO,
    •  UART connector,
    •  uLink level translation and connector.

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