RC2113209: 32Kx9 RC10001-Compatable SRAM

The RelChipTM RC2113209 is a synchronous 32Kx9 SRAM compatible with the RC10001 microcontroller.The memory is highly configurable, with options for parity, latency, and burst-mode. Eight-bit transfers reduce the number of IO connections required (compared to the RC2110836).

Parity, latency, and burst-mode are configurable through read/write registers. The memory is physically 9 bits wide to accommodate parity and the 9th data bit.

The ninth data bit/parity bit can be set to unused, 9th data bit, or parity. Parity options include none, even, odd, sticky, and parity error. The parity is calculated during a write and reported during a read. If the parity error mode is selected, this is checked during a read.

Latency can be set from one to eight cycles, and applies to the first read or write data cycle. In burst mode, four consecutive operations are performed per address cycle.


  • Features

    • -55C to 300C Operating Temp
    • 32K x 9 Random Access Memory
    • 5 volt Operation
    • 3.4 volt Battery Back Up
    • Fully Static Design
    • Parity and Burst Mode Options
    • RC10001 Compatible

    • Operating Temp -55C to 300C
    • Power Supply 4.5v to 5.5v
    • Battery Backup 3.4v
    • Output Delay 130ns

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