RC21428801: 288Kx1 Serial RAM

The RelChip® RC21428801 is a 288K by 1 serial RAM. The control, address, and data are transmitted to/from the memory via a SPI interface. The RC21428801 also provides parity options and programmable operating modes: byte, page, and sequential. The RC21428801 includes battery backup to maintain memory state during power outages.

The RC21428801 supports byte, page, or sequential operating modes. Byte mode supports 8-bit, 9-bit, and 8-bit plus parity transfers. Page mode support 32 byte block read/writes (in 8 or 9-bit modes). Sequential mode operates on byte locations sequentially until stopped (SPI deselect).



    • -55C to 300C Operating Temp
    • 288K x 1 Serial RAM
    • SPI Slave Interface
    • 5-volt Power Supply
    • 3.4-volt Battery Back Up
    • Fully Static Design
    • Byte or 9-Bit
    • Byte, Page, or Sequential Operation

    • Operating Temp -55C to 300C
    • Power Supply 4.5v to 5.5v
    • Battery Back Up 3.4v
    • 2MHz SPI

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